A Green Chariot

Sasha changes his identity but cannot avoid confronting his past

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Twenty-two-year-old Sasha`s greatest wish is to become an Israeli. He has become religious, changed his name to Yair and speaks only in Hebrew -- even when he is addressed in Russian. He has completely cut himself off from his Russian past, including his father and his Russian friends. Now, Yair is about to marry his Israeli girlfriend. But when Yair receives a package from his aunt in the Ukraine, his world is shaken. Something inside challenges everything Yair believes about himself and the person he`s tried to become. The revelation forces him to confront his religious beliefs and journey back to the Russian identity he has fought to suppress.

A film by Gilad Goldschmidt 


Silver Remi Award, Houston Worldfest International Film Festival 2006

Nomination for Best Actor,Shanghai International TV Festival 2006
Special prize, Religion Today Film Festival, Italy, 2006


"Engaging and thought-provoking"

Director: Gilad Goldschmidt

Producers: Mosh Danon, Yifat Prestelnik

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