My Own Telenovela

Sadness, laughter, longing and happiness in one family

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

תיעודי הגירה וקליטה

Jorge Weller takes us on a very personal and yet universal journey of love and loss, longing and laughter. An immigrant from Argentina, Jorge has built a life for himself in Ra'anana, Israel. And yet, he is constantly torn by ambiguous feelings of yearning and guilt for the family he left behind. His aging father who is gradually going blind, his elder sister Graciela who has never married and his younger sister Clarisa – a zestful, mildly retarded woman of 30. Surprisingly perhaps, the true star of the film is Clarisa, whose genuine wisdom shines through her clinically defined mental retardation. With an emotional IQ that is far above "normal", it is Clarisa who provides some of the penetrating insights that make "My Own Telenovela" such a profound viewing experience.

A film by Johanan (Jorge) Weller

Awards & Festivals:

Jerusalem IFF 2001
Jewish Cinema New York USA 2002
Israfest Los Angeles USA 2002.

Director And Producer: Johanan (Jorge) Weller

Cinematography: Claudio Steinberg

Script: Michal Alexander, Elisia Dor, Johanan Weller

Editing: Gabriel Weschler

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