The Chosen People - Heroes

Who is a hero in the Israeli and Jewish heritage throughout history?

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

תיעודי היסטוריה

Yaron London, a leading journalist, intellectual and poet is a native Israeli ("Sabra"), a "new Jew" born in his own land, a citizen of an independent country, detached from the troubles of the Diaspora. With his 70 years of experience, 50 of them spent as a journalist who is completely immersed in current events and captures the historic moments of his country, Yaron London sets out to examine some of the country's most fundamental myths, which still have an influence on our lives. This journey takes place in light of a society which is in a deep, moral crisis, suspected of being racist and whose days of innocence are gone.

In this episode, Yaron London embarks on a journey to define who is the hero in the Israeli and Jewish heritage throughout history, from the Bible times to recent days.

A film by Sivan Arbel, David Deri and Ran Landau

Directors: Sivan Arbel, David Deri And Ran Landau

Producers: Shula Spiegel And Dana Eden

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