Album 61

The first Israeli to compete for the title of World Chess Champion

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

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The World Chess Championship is a juicy battle, rife with passion, power and money. Boris Gelfand has spent his entire life getting ready for this moment; he was raised to become a champion since the age of six. His father devoted all his life to cultivating Boris' talent while obsessively documenting the process. The photo albums tell the father's story as much as that of the son, revealing a simple truth about a man living his own dreams through his son under the Soviet regime. Can any child, given fine Soviet education, become a genius?  And is becoming a genius worth the price?

A film by Halil Efrat


Best Script for Non- fiction Award, TELAS TV Festival Brazil, November 2014

Best Director of Documentary Film Award, Jerusalem International Film Festival, July 2012


Embassy Minsk, Belarus, December 2014
Off Cinema, Poland, November 2014
Baku International Short Film Festival, November 2014

TELAS TV Festival Brazil, November 2014

Beldocs International Film Festival 2014

Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2014

Washington Jewish Film Festival, March 2014

Jerusalem International Film Festival, July 2013

31st Milano International FICTS Festival – Special Award 2013 nominee

"A wonderful display of the documentary director's art. Turning the world chess championship into a nerve-wracking drama and a careful examination of the impact of parental ambition".

Director: Halil Efrat

Producers: Lee Yardeni And Aviram Buhris

Editor & Screenplay : Halil Efrat

Cinematographer: Vitali Karivich

Sound Designer: Aviv Aldema

Original Music: Lemez Lovas & Yaniv Fridel

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