A complex human drama reveals aspects of the unknown Druze culture

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

חברה ישראלית משפחה עלילתי

Arabani is a slang word that combines Hebrew and Arabic. Yoseph is a Druze who returns to his native village after having been estranged from it for 17 years. He arrives with his son and daughter, whose Jewish mother he has just divorced, and plans to settle down in this small Druze village. That decision leads to friction within the closed, conservative Druze community and also with his mother Afifa, who accepts him and his children as part of her family. The friction stems from the fact that to be a real Druze, both parents must be Druze. Despite the problems and difficulties, Smadar, Yoseph's daughter, unexpectedly finds love.

A film by Adi Adwan


Best Screenplay in a Full-Length Feature at the Jerusalem International Film Festival 2013

Arabani offers many beautiful and moving moments portraying a closed community with strict traditions which has only rarely been featured in cinema.

Director: Adi Adwan

Producer: Itai Tamir

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