I.D.F THE SERIES 1 - Left, Right, Left

A series that examines the IDF from the perspective of civilian society

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תיעודי חברה ישראלית מאבק צבאי Go2Films

The IDF is a concept on which all Israeli generations were raised on. The connection between the army and the people is an almost symbiotic one. Chaim Yavin, Israel's Walter Cronkite, the series' presenter and director, reevaluates the IDF's place in Israeli society and presents various viewpoints surrounding this issue.

The almost symbiotic connection between the IDF and Israeli society is under threat of dissolution. Israeli society is divided and fragmented, riddled with disagreement. And yet, everyone should be answering the draft call. Naturally, political rifts find their way into the military system. Although the army fulfills its functions, including the controversial ones, there is an ongoing crisis surrounding it: Dissenters from all sides of the political spectrum, draft-dodgers, orthodox religious people and those who commit insubordination or who are simply disinterested.

A film by Chaim Yavin and Anat Tzom Ayalon

Directors: Chaim Yavin And Anat Tzom Ayalon

Producers: Shula Spiegel And Dana Eden

Cinematographer: Elad Asulin

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