Variations for Piano in Six Hands

Bringing the family back together

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

יחסים משפחה הגירה וקליטה Go2Films עלילתי

After a five-year-absence, Misha Rabinovich, a Russian musician with a Polaroid camera and big expectations, surprises his wife and little boy at the stairs of their apartment. Unfortunately, the encounter doesn't go as planned—the boy identifies Misha as his uncle and Anna, his wife, advises him to look for a hotel. All this takes place during Misha's five-day vacation in Israel, while he uses his best tricks in order to become part of the family once again.

A film by Eytan Evgeni Melamed

Festivals: Jerusalem International Film Festival 2009 

Director: Eytan Evgeni Melamed

Producers: Moran Peled, Elena Arabski, Anya Ziskina (Tel Aviv University, Department Of Film And Television)

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