Chasing Happiness, the happy gene

Ep.1 - Is there a gene responsible for happiness?

קוד הטמעה לקליפ


Happiness, it comes in many forms and takes on infinite guises. But what exactly is happiness? Can it even be defined? What is the science behind happiness? Is it linked to our genetic make up? Is there such a gene as a happy gene?

In this episode, we investigate how genome typing test can see if a person has the “ happy” gene. We find out how much being happy is a genetic disposition and how much of it comes from personal graft! Through interviews with doctors and researchers, we explore potential ways of measuring happiness – and maximising it! 

2013 Winner Best Lifestyle Programme - BANFF World Media Festival
“This fast-paced show quenches your curiosity on the question that is closest to our hearts”

Director: Angeline Swee

Producer: Felicia Koh

Editor/Colourist: Tea Wee Boon

Music Composition And Audio Mix: Suite Sound

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