In Silence

Tamar, a 17-year old girl, was raped, but doesn't dare to speak about it

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

נשים סרטי מעלה פסיכולוגיה ילדים ונוער עלילתי

Tamar, a well-adjusted 17-year old from a happy home, is raped at the religious girls' high school where she is a student. She becomes withdrawn and hostile, mystifying her parents who assume that this is normal teenage angst. The more Tamar's despair goes unnoticed, the more desperate she becomes.

A film by Tom Dadon-MIshaly


Produced by Ma'aleh Film School

Director & Screenwriter: Tom Dadon-MIshaly

Cinematographer: Amir Sheinbaum

Editor: Tom Dadon-MIshaly

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