Fill My Tank : the green road trip of a lifetime

Episode 3 : Which findings proved to be a bigger adventure?

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Energy consumption is out of control. Our non-renewable fossil fuel supplies are getting dangerously low, and we’re still using more and more every day! Fossil fuels release CO2 gasses, polluting the air we breathe. How can we fuel our future without it costing the world?
Episode : 3
Blow darts, pig manure, and a glorious Penang sunset are all on the agenda for Sean Lee-Davies this week as he continues his road trip from Singapore to Cambodia.  Finding used cooking oil to make bio-fuel for his 4WD is proving to be a bigger adventure than he planned!

Winner Best Infotainment - Asia Rainbow TV Awards

"Sean Lee-Davies’ new ecotravel show glows green" - Time Out


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