Holocaust in the USSR

Searching for the unknown Holocaust in the former Soviet Union

The Soviets did not allow documentation, research and commemoration. 

It is as if the Holocaust of the Soviet Jews did not occur, it was erased from collective memory. 

It was only after the dissolution of the Soviet Union that the memories of almost 2.7 million of its Jews, murdered between 1941-1945, could be restored.

For the first time, here is their story. 

This is a late tribute to the victims and to the history of  those whose story was not recorded.

The first task of the films in the series is – 

  • Documenting the events and photographing the witnesses:
  • At the locations of the events
  • In the exact time of year that they occurred.
  • Recreate the events and places to viewers.
  • Create a personal connection.

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