The story of an integrated boarding school for Jews and Arabs

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

סרטי מעלה תיעודי ילדים ונוער

Two Jewish boys and two Muslim boys are sharing a room at a boarding school in Jerusalem. All are 16 years old . David, from an orthodox Jewish home, wants to give up religion. Mohammad, a traditional Moslem, is brilliant but keeps failing his exams. Majdi and Guy are both homesick, but for different reasons. Each of the boys must carve out a niche for himself during the painful process of growing up.
A film by Katie Green

Avi Chai Foundation Prize for "Jewish Experience"


Festival of Jewish Film, Jerusalem, 2003

Gerona Jewish Film Festival, Spain 2004

"Parting of the Ways" screening and panel, Channel 2, 2005


Produced by Maaleh Film School

Director: Katie Green

Editor: Avital Muskal

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