Birth of a Family

An empowering birth film

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

נשים תיעודי משפחה

This dynamic film portrays the strength of childbirth from a father's perspective as well as shows how fluid and empowering birth can be for the birthing woman. Watch how the entire family embraces the process of birth. What would it be like to give birth naturally in a completely relaxed atmosphere without unnecessary intervention, surrounded by people we love and choose to be with? Birth of a Family is a beautiful film which shows and tells the story of one family's four home births over a twelve-year span.

A film Directed by Christina Montano

Motherbaby International Film Festivals: Traverse City Michigan, Costa Rica, Hamilton Bermuda
Midwifery Today Conference: King of Prussia Pennsylvania, Moscow Russia, Strasbourg France
MANA conference: Monterey, California

Directors: Christina Montano And Nielsen J. Van Duijn

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