Born to Fly

The incredible story of an exceptional test pilot

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

מאבק צבאי היסטוריה ביוגרפיה

The incredible story of an exceptional test pilot. His exciting life story is intertwined with the history of Israel aviation. All his aviation accomplishments can be described as firsts. Danny Shapira, Israel's number one pilot and one of the world's finest. Shapira's flight log features thousands of daring and hair-raising flights, from some of which he nearly did not return.

A film by Uri Borreda

The story of Danny Shapira  - the Jerusalem Post
Danny Shapira in Israeli F-15 Eagle Units in Combat (book)
Danny Shapira in Operation Diamond (Israeli Air Force website)

"An exceptional film about an exceptional man"

Director: Uri Borreda

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