Chasing Happiness - Happiness on the Run

Ep. 3 - The importance of a solid exercise routine in making us happy.

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Happiness comes in many forms – from the warm hug of a loved one to a delicious plate of food. But what exactly is happiness? Is it linked to our genetic makeup, and how can we measure it?

This episode of Chasing Happiness sees Adrian literally on the run and chasing happiness. Following last episode’s food-emphasis, we learn about the importance of a solid exercise routine to accompany a good diet if we all want to be happy troopers. This episode captures the linkage between motion and happiness.

Adrian goes into the science behind exercise and happiness. What happens physiologically when we exercise? What is a runner's high?

When does the brain release the ‘feel-good’ hormone - endorphin - into our system? Does the more sedentary yoga routine elicit the same “feel good” hormone?
Is team sports more superior than solitary sports such as running in terms of the euphoria or Adrenalin rush associated to overall well being and happiness when we engage in this activities?

Adrian undergoes an intensive work out, a camaraderie- building soccer session as well as a seemingly relaxing yoga session to unearth the secrets of exercise and happiness.

Winner Best Lifestyle Programme - BANFF World Media Festival 

“This fast-paced show quenches your curiosity on the question that is closest to our hearts”

Director: Angeline Swee

Producer: Felicia Koh

Host/ Narrator: Adrian Pang

Story Development And Writer: Perry Ho, Angeline Swee

Production Manager: Felicia Koh

Editor/Colourist: Tea Wee Boon

Music Composition And Audio Mix: Suite Sound

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