Gut Shabbos Vietnam

Chabad shluchim are for life. Or until the Messiah comes

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

יהדות תיעודי דת

In Chabad, the shlucim (emissaries, representatives) are in a mission for a lifetime. This documentary is about a young couple, which are not only sent for lifetime, but in a totally different country, to which they have no family or any other connection. Not to its culture, neither to it history or language. Menachem and Racheli are sent to Vietnam, to be Chabad shluchim. The film accompanies them in the most sensitive period: their arrival and their absorption. During this period, they encounter everything from hunger to a cold welcoming and indifference from their surroundings.

Years had passed since the production of the film. The Chabad community in Vietnam is flourishing. Menachem and Racheli are still there -:) As said, it's a mission for life.

What are Shluchim
Chabad in Vietnam

Directors: Yael Leibovitch And Ido Zand

Cinematography: Ido Zand

Editing: Yael Leibovitch

Original Score: Gil Nagel

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