Hagiga - History of Israeli Cinema #1

A colourful journey through the history of Israeli cinema

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

תיעודי היסטוריה אמנות ותרבות פופולרית

The forefathers of Israeli cinema - Ephraim Kishon, Uri Zohar and Menachem Golan – came to cinema from the world of entertainment. These filmmakers stepped into the tiny, emerging film industry with practically no money – but with a keen sense of what their audience would like. Armed with humor, chutzpah and courage, they managed to make international headlines, including Oscar nominations and prizes at Cannes. The movies of the 1960s and the 1970s become more and more ambitious. These films present a portrait of the newly formed Israeli society –  a melting pot of immigrants and soldiers where irony and underdogs were the true heroes.

A film by Noit Geva

Awards & Festivals:

Toronto JFF, Canada, 2016

Australia International Jewish Film Festival, 2015

LA Israeli Film Festival, 2015

Jerusalem International Film Festival, 2015

Creators: Arik Bernstein, Noit Geva, Shai Lahav, Yair Raveh

Director: Noit Geva

Executive Producers: Moshe Edri, Leon Edri, David Zilber

Producer & Chief Editor: Arik Bernstein

Content Editor: Yair Raveh

Script: Shai Lahav

Editor: Ron Omer

Music: Ran Bagno

Narrator: Itai Tiran

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