Inside the Criminal Mind - Born To Kill

Ep.6 : Why do some people develop into criminals, and others not?

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תיעודי פסיכולוגיה קרימינולוגיה

What makes some people chose a life of crime?  Is it their upbringing?  Is it down to damage to the brain?  Is it because of the people they hang around with?  Or are they born with it?
Prisoners and ex-offenders tell us what made them turn to crime.  “I turned to crime because I grew up with crime, from as far back as I can remember….all me family were criminals, all those around us were criminals, and that’s just the way of life it was at the time and that’s the way of life as I grew up.”  Jimmy, prisoner.
Adrian Raine Professor in Neuroscience at UCLA in California tells us of studies he’s done which show that the brains of killers are different to the rest of us.  So is there a gene for crime?  Is it something that can be checked before birth?  Can criminals be eradicated? 

Director: Mandy Sherwood

Producer: Deborah Dudgeon

Editors: Matthew Bawden, Emma Lysaght

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