Inside the Mind of a Thief

Burglar Confessions

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

תיעודי קרימינולוגיה

This Allen Police Department exclusive interview of career home burglar, Michael Durden, will open your eyes on what criminals look for when choosing a target.

1) What makes a neighborhood attractive to thieves? - 0:45

2) Does having a dog deter a burglar? 2:48

3) Do Neighborhood Watch programs work? 4:28

4) What makes a house attractive to a burglar? 6:12

5) Once a burglar targets a house, what's next? 11:28

6) Once a burglar is in the house.  How much time is spent inside? 24:49

7) How should homeowners hide valuables? 31:00

8) What can a homeowner do to not make their house an easy target to a burglar? 35:59

Read more about the Durden case

Created By: Allen City Police Department

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