Jerusalem is Proud to Present

Behind the scenes of the World Pride events in Jerusalem

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

להטב זכויות אדם חברה ישראלית מגדרים

In the summer of 2006, Jerusalem was to host, for the first time in history, the World Pride events, which were to culminate in a traditional gay pride parade. The planned events stirred turmoil in the politically complex city, with Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious leaders banding together in an uncompromising battle against what they said would defile the holy city. On the other side stood the activists of the Open House, Jerusalems LGBT community center, who planned the events. Steadfast in the face of the heated and violent anti-gay sentiment, they had to deal with threats to much more than just their right to march.

A film by Nitzan Gilady

Docaviv (ISRAEL)
Cleveland International Film Festival
Guth Gafa (Ireland)
PIFF (Provincetown, US)
Banff World Television Film Festival
London Jewish Film Festival
Fresco LGBT Film Festival
Seattle LGBT Film Festival
Washington Jewish film festival
New York Jewish film festival
Chicago LGBT film festival
Atlanta Jewish film festival
Boston LGBT Film Festival

Preview image: Nettadi

Director: Nitzan Gilady

Producer: Galia Bador, Nitzan Gilady

Cinematography: Nitzan Gilady

Editor: Danielle Avitzur

Original Music: Ophir Leibovitch

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