The Last Leopard

A journey into the Judaean Desert, to find the last known leopard

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

תיעודי זואולוגיה

Director Isri Halpern sets out to search for the last known leopard in the Judaean Desert above the Dead Sea.
For 18 months, Halpern searches for the leopard with his friend the zoologist Haim Berger, in an elusive and humorist journey, full of surprises.
A fi9lm fill of love to nature, mystery and to the less known part of the Israeli society. 

Not really a nature movie, but rather a film about human nature
Asaf Gefen - Maariv

במאי: Isri (Israel) Halpern

Cinematography: Isri Halpern & Amit Gosher

Production: Isri Halpern, Llan Weissman, Anat Kandel

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