Oceanic Electric Power

Revolutionary technologies that make use of the energy potential of the oceans

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The world needs energy. But what type of energy should be used and how should it be produced? That is a controversial question. Feverishly, scientists around the world are looking for solutions.

Many see salvation in the worldwide use of a mix of renewable energies. Here, the interest and the knowledge of the general public concentrate mainly on energies that are obtained on the landmass of our Earth. This film shows revolutionary technologies that make it possible to meet large percentages of the worldwide energy requirements with the natural power and the energy potential of the oceans. Oceanic Electric Power shows these technologies using film, shot around the globe, of the most important sources of ocean power, and their inventors. 
Precise explanations provided by the internationally recognized expert on ocean currents Dr. Jochen Bard, University of Kassel, and the Berlin political scientist Dr. Hermann Scheer, who has received a number of awards, make it possible to estimate the impact of the technologies and to learn about the significance of the subject for our everyday lives.


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