Shahida - Brides of Allah

A chronicle of the life of women imprisoned for complicity in terror attacks

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

נשים תיעודי מאבק צבאי

The film chronicles the lives of women who are serving time in prison for complicity in terrorist attacks in Israel. The intimate portrait, filmed over the course of two years, tries to uncover the motivations behind the actions of these women.

This film is structured as a journey into an unknown world. At every turn we receive new information and experience new emotions that make it impossible to remain coherent. We find ourselves liking these women, but we feel discomfort in the fact that we do. We want to pity them, but they are too strong for our pity. We get close to them, and a moment later we are thrown clear, horrified by their actions and their lack of remorse - fascinated at the same time… A portrait of women who believed they have nothing to lose, but the realty had another say.

Director: Natalie Assouline Terebilo

A partial list of film festivals and awards:

Berlinale international  film festival 2008- Fiprasci award
Premios ondas  2008 –barcelona-best documentry
Input –warsa 2008
DOCSDF, International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City. Audience award
IAWRT AWARDS  2009 for TV documentaries-  Cambodia
Warsaw Jewish film festival  2009-Best film

Director: Natalie Assouline Terebilo

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צפייה בסרט המלא - Shahida - Brides of Allah

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