A Single With God

A Jewish orthodox guy's journey to relationship

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

יהדות יחסים תיעודי משפחה ביוגרפיה

Gedalia (26) is a bachelor, disconnected from his parents, blogger and a musician with split personality: in the evenings he records music and a video journalist for a popular newspaper. In the afternoons and on Shabat he's an ultra-orthodox yeshiva student and in the mornings he's an instructor and mentor for youth in a religious boarding school.
The girls are not interested in this strange guy. So he decides to build himself a smart and cool image by exposing his life in his blog.
It just doesn't work...
In order not to break down, he preoccupies himself in music composition. And in order to be famous and find love, he interviews celebrities for the newspaper.
Then, he starts dating one of his blog readers and offer her marriage in a blog post. Will she accept it? And will he resolve his relations with his parents?

A film by Nadav Gedalia

Very funny. Very emotional. Very sad. Very optimistic
Yael Mishali , writer 

It'a hard not to appreciate the courage and even the humbleness
Mordi Miller, Small World (Olam Katan) magazine  

Director: Nadav Gedaliyah

Trailer Editor: Assaf Cohen

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