The Immigration Debate

Is immigration good or bad for society, for economics?

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

תיעודי זכויות אדם פוליטי ואקטואלי כלכלה

People move from one country to another incessantly. Today more than ever in history. Some flee, escape from dangers of death, other want to change or improve their lives. Is immigration good for the society? For the economy? What does it do to national identities? Should immigrants assimilate in their new home? Can countries refuse to accept refugees? Can they set priorities for immigrants? Should immigrants get any help? Do immigrant foster innovation? Arte they a burden on the healthcare system and the social welfare services or are they contributing more than they consume? And most importantly is it possible to generalize at all? 
In this playlist, we gathered here as many different views as we could find.


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