The Lesson

After 200 driving lessons and numerous failed tests, Layla is about to give up on her dream to drive

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

נשים זכויות אדם משפחה זהות

200 driving lessons and numerous failed tests later, Layla, an Egyptian-born Arab, is about to give up on her dream to drive. An encounter with Nimar, the number-one Palestinian driving expert in Al Quds, rekindles her hopes. Nimar and Layla, two strangers in one town, embark upon a mutual journey to learn how to drive. Gradually, the car turns into a "confessional," and Layla shares her secret life story with Nimar. But Layla's broken home, and her musician daughter's doomed love story may thwart Layla's chance to drive when the journey hits a rocky road.

"The Lesson" follows this exceptional drama for two years: the story of an Arab woman fighting for her independence in a city where the drive for independence has become, for many, an unachieved dream.

Jury remarks: A remarkable documentary and visually striking film

A film by Anat Yuta-Zuria

Award: Best Documentary at the Haifa International Film Festival

"The subject of The Lesson...reflects the complexity of this surprising and moving film"

Director & Scriptwriter: Anat Yuta-Zuria

Producers: Sigal Landesberg & Anat Yuta-Zuria

Cinematographer: Dror Lebendiger, Ido Soskolne

Editor: Miki Kohn Barlev, Lev Goltser

Sound Designer: Yuri Priymenko

Original Score: Josef Bardanashvili

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