The Raven - Ze’ev Jabotinsky

A portrait of a man who left a huge mark on Zionism and Israel

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

תיעודי ביוגרפיה אמנות ותרבות פופולרית

Ze’ev Vladimir Jabotinsky? Most people don’t know much about him. Most people know he was the father of Herut movement, a revisionist. And who really knows what revisionism really means. A few people know that he translated Allan Poe’s Annabel Lee; even fewer read his historical novel, Samson.
The Raven tries to fathom Jabotinsky’s deceptive character. The film follows his conflicted, controversial character, the meaningful choices, desires and abilities that eventually led him to end his life prematurely but left a huge mark on Zionism and Israel.
A film by Ayelet Ofarim | Producer: Yair Qedar | Ha-Ivrim (The Hebrews) Series


Director: Ayelet Ofarim

Producers: Yair Qedar, Michal Weits, Gili Nadav

Editor: Miki Kohn

Sound Design: Aviv Aldema

Original Score: Karni Postel, Eran Tzur

Cinematographer: Talya (Tulik) Galon

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