The Stigma?

A documentary that explores and reflects on the genesis of anti-Jewish prejudice in current Spain.

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

יהדות זכויות אדם היסטוריה דת אנתרופולוגיה מיעוטים

The Stigma? is born out of the personal need of his author, Martí Sans, the need to explain himself why during 50 years he had ignored almost everything about a tradition that is part of our cultural and genetic legacy. The immersion in the little Jewish community in Barcelona forced him to reconsider his own prejudice.
Judaism is one of the basic pillars of our culture. A historical enigma that has always irritated the West, which knowing itself to be dependent on it, tries to dissociate itself from it. A contradiction experienced with anguish throughout history and many times dealt with in a tragic way.
Through interviews with fifteen experts, the documentary unreels the history and mutations of Judeophobia, from the Christian accusation of "deicide" until the emergence of the modern state of Israel. The ignorance and rejection of Judaism are still present in many sectors of our society. The Stigma? proposes to challenge key ideas inherited from centuries of misunderstanding and intolerance that deserve to be rethought.

A film by Martí Sans

Festivals and screenings:

First Prize, Punta del Este Jewish Film Festival, Uruguay
Jewish Motifs International Film Festival
New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival 
Curso Interdisciplinar de Humanidades, Alcaniz
ArtisticMetropol, Madrid
Film Archive Theater, nominee for the Gaudí Awards
International Film Festival of No Violence and Environment (NOVMA FILM FESTIVAL), Colombia
Cinema Truffaut, Girona
Barcelona Jewish Film Festival
The film was broadcast inTelevisió de Catalunya

"A thoughtful and well-crafted film that puts a new spin on supposedly familiar history and ideology"

Director: Martí Sans

Producers: Martí Sans & Pablo Sanchez

Scriptwriters: Martí Sans & Marcal Cebrian

Company: Altervideo

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