Vanessa George: Wife, Mother, Paedophile

The story of one of Britain's most reviled paedophiles

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The extraordinary story of a little girl who grew up to be a monster and one of Britain's most reviled paedophiles. Vanessa George, a nursery school teacher, abandoned her daughters and husband for an online life of appalling depravity, taking hundreds of indecent images of toddlers in her care. In December 2009 she was jailed for an indeterminate period and it was revealed that she had been sending explicit images of the children to an online paedophile ring stretching across the UK.
Vanessa George: Wife, Mother, Paedophile features in depth interviews with her husband and daughters, who are trying to come to terms with her devastating crimes. Husband Andrew tells of marrying his childhood sweetheart and how she became a loving wife and mother. The programme then traces her decline, sketching her mood changes and dramatic weight gain as she started an online relationship through Facebook with convicted paedophile, Colin Blanchard. Together with news flashbacks, evidence from prosecutors and police archive interviews, this horrific story peels away the veneer of Vanessa George’s apparent bubbly personality to reveal the truth about being up-close and personal with one of Britain’s most evil women.

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Production: FirstLook TV

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