At Home In Waldo, Maine

The challenges and joys of homebirth

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

נשים משפחה

At Home in Waldo, Maine presents the homebirth experience of the Weavers–Melinda, Jerry, Ravi, and Gideon–a family living in midcoast Maine. The film observes Melinda's approaching delivery in the context of the Weaver's daily activities and documents the prenatal planning and supports the family receives from their professional midwives.

The Weavers are (semi) homesteaders, home/internet-based entrepreneurs, homeschoolers–and rock and rollers (their band is Odlaw and their song, "Learn to Love" is featured in this film)!

This 46-minute film is both an intimate document of their experience and an exploration of the relationship between how we live and how we birth.

A film by Nicolle Littrell

Director: Nicolle Littrell

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