At Home In Winthrop, Maine

The challenges, and joys of homebirth

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נשים משפחה

Joyful, ripe, intense, real, it's the start of summer, on the eve of the solstice. At Home in Winthrop, Maine opens up possibilities of how rich–and raucous–birth at home can be.
Jenn is supported by her professional midwifery team, her husband James and a circle of friends and raconteurs who revel in her beauty, strength and indefatigable spirit. when a woman is supported this way when she has this kind of confidence and strength of body and soul, birth becomes not just a celebration of life, but a work of art.

Jenn is a mainly stay-at-home mother to her young daughter Sarah, who was born at a birth center in Maine. she works at a local bookshop part-time and is co-owner of potato, a cooperative store offering maine-produced goods. James is a social worker. the family lives in a small bedroom community about 10 miles outside of Augusta, maine, sharing their home with Jenn's mother Connie.

The family was assisted by certified professional midwives (and naturopathic doctors) Sarah Ackerly and Josie skavdahl of northern sun family healthcare in Topsham, maine and also, krystel viehmann, student midwife.
The couple is well vested in their community. Jenn participates in various town organizations, including the green committee. James is a loving father and supportive husband who likes to rock climb. their garden gets bigger every year. they say they're on a "five-year plan" to stay in maine, with the deadline up in november, but it doesn't appear they're leaving anytime soon. their roots grow deeper every day in the community where their son Robbie was born.

A film by Nicolle Littrell

Director: Nicolle Littrell

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