Jephtah's Daughter

This film reveals what happened to hundreds of Ethiopians on their difficult journey to Israel

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

יהדות סרטי מעלה משפחה הגירה וקליטה דת

The year is 1984. A Jewish family is on its way by foot from Ethiopia to Sudan, from where they will board a plane for Israel. The father, whom the family's life depends on, is seized by brigands. Things change when his eldest daughter comes across the place. The story is typical of what happened to hundreds of Ethiopians on their difficult journey to Israel, in the 1980's, when they crossed the desert, in order to reach the Promised Land.

A film by Einat Kapach

First prize of the City of Jerusalem for the Best Fiction Film, 1996

The 14th Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, 1996
The Boston Jewish Film Festival, USA 1998
Henri Langolis International Student Film Festival, Poitiers France 1998.
Student Golden Lion Film Festival, Taipei Taiwan 1999
Israeli Film Week in Bonn, Germany 2001
Sukagawa International Film Festival, Japan 2002
Celebration of Jewish cinema, Jerusalem 1999
Women Film Festival Rehovot Israel 2012


Produced by Ma'aleh Film School

Director & Screenwriter: Einat Kapach

Producer: Shevy Urivetsky, Or Vardi

Cinematographer: Danor Glazer

Editor: Galina Topelson

Original Music: Moshe Daabul

Cast: Maski Shibaro, Eli Danker, Gabi Shooshan, Hertsl Cohen

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צפייה בסרט המלא - Jephtah's Daughter

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