New Year's Resolution

A tale of an unexpected New Year Resolution

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

יהדות נשים סרטי מעלה זכויות אדם דת

On the eve of the Rosh HaShana festival, a 38-year-old single woman announces to her orthodox family that she plans to have a child by artificial insemination. The family members react with shock and disbelief and the woman finds herself wavering in her resolve to carry out her New Year's resolution.

A film by Ayala Zamir Glick

Jerusalem Film Festival "Wolgin" competition 2007
Jewish Film Festival, Palm Beach2009
Jewish Film Festival, San Diego 2009
Special Screening at the Israeli Parliament "International Woman Day" 2010


Produced by Ma'aleh Film School

Director: Ayala Zamir Glick

Producer: Meital Glazer

Cinematographer: Amir Sheinbaum

Editor: Tamar Ben-Baruch

Original Music: Shem Tov Levi

Casr: Limor Goldstein, Ruthi Navon, Avinoam Mor-Chaim

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