Two brothers and one question of faith

קוד הטמעה לקליפ

יהדות סרטי מעלה רוחניות עלילתי

In the Israel of the nineties, Sami is the young son of Jewish Tunisian immigrants. He feels belittled by the attention lavished on his younger brother, Yudeh. One day the father insists that Sami take his brother to a movie. What follows will profoundly alter the two boys forever.
A film by Ariel Pariente


Produced by Maaleh Film School

Prizes and Awards

Maaleh Graduation Awards 2018 - Best Drama

Tel Aviv Student Film Festival 2018

Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival 2018

Utopia Festival Tel Aviv 2018

Near Nazareth Film Festvial 2018 - Best Student Film

Jersey Shore Film Festival, USA 2019

Prague Israeli Film Festival, Czech Republic, 2019


Director: Ariel Pariente

Producer: Baruch Rosenstein

Editor: Aner Tausig

Cinematography: Yonatan Shehoah

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